Tuesday, August 03, 2010

No aurora for me :(

One of these days I will get to see an aurora, but not today. I got my hopes up because there was a big sun storm earlier this week scheduled to hit today, but as usual - nothing visible here. Luckily time spent outside with my telescope is never time wasted. I passed the time either relaxing in my tent and watching the stars, or scanning them up close with the telescope, and hunting down the interesting nebula and clusters that I remembered how to find without looking them up in a book.

I had some fun shooting pictures of stars too, but it's tricky to get the exposure right. This was a shot of the milky way, and I liked the color that came out in the tree, considering everything was black in the viewfinder, so I had to just point and shoot and see what came out.

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annaliese said...

beautiful! I grew up in Montana during my younger years, and so was spoiled by getting to see 'Northern Lights' often ~ so worth the cold nights outside! I love that you do this :) hoping you catch it next time!