Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Letterboxing and dog walking

I had a great day, but I didn't take any pictures. What's a blog post without pictures, right? Well, I'll tell you about it anyway...

I got up and got right to my chores, then went to the hairdresser and got a long-overdue haircut. While I was there I got some gloomy news about how bad the economy is for them right now. I'm tired of hearing how bad it is for everyone. Wish I had better news to share myself.

Then I came home and worked in the garden. I tore out the overgrown lettuce last week, and today I put down compost to get those areas ready for planting my winter garden. Cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli starts are growing in little pots on the back porch, ready for their new digs. It's always nice to make progress in the garden. I also picked up a glass window to be the top of my cold frame, so I need to get that built soon. Winter lettuce needs to go in in September to get it's growing done before the days get too short.

Then we went Letterboxing. I have put off letterboxing for a long time because I didn't have a homemade stamp and wasn't keen on making one. I finally carved one out of an eraser, a little dog paw print. So I finally picked up an ink pad for it, and printed out a couple local letterboxes and we went and found them. No problem, found 3 out of 3 - I won't expect that all the time! To my surprise, when I checked the log almost everyone had stamped it with professionally made stamps! Well heck, I should have just bought a cute stamp ages ago and got busy looking! Well, anyway, it was fun. I miss Geocaching, but since we don't have a GPS anymore, this will do for now. Looks like there are lots of Letterboxes in our area to find.

Came home, had a late lunch, saw Dave off to a meeting in town, and then I rounded up the eskies for a little walk at the park. We walked down the road to the secret entrance to the horse trail. Then we followed the horse trail up past group camp. There were campers there, singing songs, and Navi didn't like it. She kept stopping to look around and growling at the sound, since she couldn't see the campers! We left that park at the group camp entrance, came back down the road and then took the abandoned railroad tracks back to the house. Along the way a lady sitting on her back porch near the tracks chatted us up and complemented me on how pretty the pooches were :) They behaved pretty well on their walk. I have them on a Y adapter, and most of the time Barclay was walking next to me with his half of the Y hanging loose, and Navi was pulling ahead. I need to work on her loose leash walking skills, then the two of them will be a joy to walk!

Then we played some fetch, the dogs took a dip in the pond, and finally everyone has worn down. Dog nap time! Now we just need Dave to get home with the pizza, maybe watch some Doctor Who, and life will be perfect.


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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yay! I'm glad you finally went letterboxing!

We've done both letterboxing anf geocaching and I much prefer letterboxing because of the artistic side of it. I like collecting the stamp images that are often related to the location found and therefore a piece of memorabilia of journeys traveled and places visited.
I also enjoy the skill of the carvers, too. And it's so fun when there are clever clues to decipher.

You guys have such wonderful places to hike and ride horses up there. I'm sure there are thousands of great place for letterboxes to be hidden. I'm envious! :)