Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Simple Cooking

Tonight I made a spectacular roast. I did a bit or research before I bought a nice round roast at the market, hoping to make a good dinner and have leftovers for sandwiches. I found this very simple recipe

All American Roast Beef

I put the roast in my iron skillet and roasted it in that. That way when it was done I could put the roast on a plate to rest while I made the gravy in the skillet. It came out perfect! So delicious, smooth gravy, tender and juicy roast, and plenty leftover for lunches this week. Yum! I've never been very happy with pot roasts, but this roast came out just right :)

My other favorite recipe I have been using lately is Baked Chicken.

Simple Baked Chicken

Again, this recipe is SO SIMPLE anyone could do it, and it has come out absolutely perfect every time I've done it. Dave is nuts for it! And again, I bake the chicken in the iron skillet, let it rest while I make the gravy in the skillet, and it's just a perfect dinner. Hardly any cleanup either.

Who would have thought such excellent results could come from recipes that are so doggone simple!?!


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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh I love simple recipes...the less fussy ingredients and fancy cooking techniques, the better!

Sounds yummy. I bookmarked those pages to try them out for myself.