Saturday, July 03, 2010

Navi, settling in

Navi & Barclay cleaning up where the chicken tractor was

Today I moved the chicken tractors out in the field next to the garden. I did that because Navi has been running laps around the chick's tractor, and I thought that was cruel for the chicks, because they are surprised to see her every lap around - it's like 'she's gone' immediately followed by 'aargh, she's back' - over and over and over.

While moving them the little roo who looks like he was made of spare parts snuck out and ran away, and before I could catch him he found a hole to get into the big chicken area. That was bad news for him, because I couldn't get him back in the tall grass, and the big chickens were going to kick his little feathered butt, so there wasn't anything I could do about it. So I went on about my chores, and an hour later I was out there with the dogs when suddenly I heard a commotion and here's that little rooster back out of the chicken yard, and racing across the backyard with three dogs after him! I caught up just as Barclay and Navi pinned him and picked him up and snuggled him high against my chest - high, because Navi will jump high, springing up to snap at and try and grab him! I kept blocking her with my leg until she gave up and sat, but she could barely control herself. I finally was able to walk him to the tractor and reunite him with his flock.

She is still getting the hang of the cats as well. Sometimes she pounces on them and chases them if they run, sometimes the other two start it. I'm keeping a close eye on all of them.

She's quite athletic, and can jump up on the crates. I put a piece of plywood on top of her big crate so I can put her food up there when the crate is open and she can jump up there and eat.

She's an absolute doll! What a cutie :) Yesterday she had a vet visit and the vet gave her a vaccination that upset her stomach all night. Poor pup puked and puked, and then collapsed on our bed. She was so pitiful we let her sleep there all night instead of in her crate. This morning she was feeling much better.

It's taking some getting used to for everyone. Barclay is being such a good boy. He's really tired from all the playing, and I've been trying to give him special attention as well. I felt like Barclay and I had a special one-on-one relationship before Navi showed up, and I'd like to keep that as much as possible. She's got so much training to work on, it's easy to forget there's still more work to do with Barclay too. I don't want his training to stall just because I have a new student who needs more work!



Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Too cute!
And I love how you meet the needs of your dogs, even moving the food up high and making a platform, so Navi's more comfie.
That last photo says it all.....Barclay's tired, worn-out face, and Navi's ready-to-go action face. lol!


StefRobrts said...

Part of moving the food up high is that the eskimos both free feed - they go nibble a bit when they're hungry and come back later for more. I like that, because they aren't obsessed with food, but Jack will eat every scrap of food he can reach, and everyone else's too. So putting the food up high is really so they can enjoy eating when they want to, and Jack won't turn back into a 50lb beagle (like he was when we got him!)