Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Navi & Barclay

Navi & Barclay were wrestling and playing so hard yesterday, that today Barclay has been pooped out all day. This afternoon they were laying in the living room, gnawing on each other's faces, because that seems to be all the energy they had left.

Barclay sleeping.

Pretty Navi

We call this Froggie Doggie, with those little legs stuck out behind her!

Navi, sacked out behind Dave's chair in the office.

Navi is doing really well, she's only potty-ing in the house maybe once a day. Pretty good, since Barclay wasn't housetrained until he was 7 months. I know she's going to figure it out. When she potty's outside I praise her like crazy and she comes running back all waggy for hugs, it's the cutest thing ever! She's getting better at sitting for treats and not springing up to steal them, and at not chasing the cats. The cat interaction is probably the biggest challenge right now. I'm sure they'll all learn to get along.

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! The Froggy Doggy pose is so funny!

Is that a canine yoga move? lol!