Saturday, July 03, 2010

Fixing the steps

The steps off the back deck get a lot of use, like many many times a day. They have gotten wobblier over the years, and finally something broke and we decided we'd better do something about it. So we pulled them apart and to our surprise, the only thing holding up the step on one side seemed to be a rusty old coffee can! Not too surprising, considering all the deck piers are stacks of scrap 4x4 piled on top of paver blocks, instead of concrete piers property supporting the deck. Luckily if it falls you'll only fall about a foot and a half. And It's stayed up since 1994 so I guess it must be pretty good.

 So I measured the old pieces and Dave went to the hardware store and picked up some pressure treated lumber, and we whipped up new stairs. No coffee cans in our plan. They came out nice and solid. I hope they last as long as the last set. Now I need to finish cleaning and re-treating the decks - something we've been putting off for years. They are on the must-do list for this summer. I'm afraid any more neglect and it will really cost us.


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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! Those are some nice looking, solid steps!

You're so handy!