Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Walk on the tracks

I took Barclay for a short walk on the RR tracks near our house today

Barclay enjoyed tromping through the drainage ditch along the side of the tracks. I let him because it was clean and the water was running.

I made him get out of the ditch farther down where the water was stagnant and standing. It was full of tadpoles!

Look at the leg on the bottom one! How cool! I'll have to go back and check on these guys and see how they develop.

On the other side of the tracks (the wrong side?) the ditch was sludgy and full of algae. Some of these algaes can be poisonous to dogs, so I didn't let Barclay near it - yuk!

The only wildlife we saw was this busy little junco hopping around the tracks.

Looks like he caught something.

Wild Irises, I think...

Pretty pink rhodedendrons...

Purple rhodedendron. So pretty!

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annaliese said...

gorgeous pics! and I love tadpoles!!! every year I can't wait to watch them transform--so amazing.