Saturday, June 19, 2010

Guess what, chicken butt!

Beautiful (the chicken) wandered out to explore while I was doing chores this morning, and when she tried to come back to the coop Barclay was in her way, blocking the narrow path. He stood there nose to nose, wagging, to see if she would run, but instead she just got this slightly put-out look and was leaning this way and that to see how she could get around him. So then he turned his side to her, which he does to invite dogs to play, and wagged his tail, and she just kept trying to get past, and was about to try going under him, when I asked him to get out of her way. So he let her by, and then sniffed her butt on the way past. He just wishes they would play with him. It's funny to see him trying to communicate with a chicken using dog language :)

Meanwhile, in the brooder, the four baby chicks are doing fine. Hanging out, eating and sleeping, like good babies.

The barnyard mix babies, who are 8 weeks old this week, are sure different looking. Two of them have black heads now.

The two with the black heads appear to be hens.

The one without a black head seems to be a roo, judging by the comb he's sporting on top of his head. Much bigger than the other chicks. The two black ones appear to be girls, and the other one (didn't get a picture of him today) who is buff and black appears to be a roo - so 2 roo and 4 hens, not a bad turnout.


annaliese said...

lol! 'guess what? chicken butt' is a favorite expression of my best friend from high school. seeing it as your title gave me a chuckle :) thanks! love the chickens, too!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Poor Barclay. Chickens just don't do dog play. hehe!

I love your barnyard mixed flock. So unusual and so pretty!

So what will you do with your roosters?
Come to find out the one chick we got from Sid, is probably a rooster 99.9 percent sure.
Bummer! I was hoping to get a hen from him.

So Sid sure is one male dominated rooster when it comes to fertilization. Out of 4 hatched eggs, only one was a hen! bah!