Thursday, June 03, 2010

Gardening update

I'll have to get some pictures tomorrow. Today the sun came out! Miracle of miracles! I spent two solid hours working outside while the weather was nice. I sprayed blackberry bushes that were out of control around the side of the house, cut down the bamboo stumps by the pond with a sawzall so everything is flat to the ground (more of my efforts to beat out the invasive bamboo I've been fighting the last couple years).

I spent some time in the garden weeding, and I have to say the weeding is going very well considering the area was a paddock just a couple months ago. There are some persistent sticker weeds of the type that they are all coming from a massive underground system, so it keeps sending up new shoots. As soon as I see their prickly little heads I pull them up, and they come easily, usually dragging a long white root behind that is all curled around from it's efforts to come up through all that cardboard I laid down.

Once everything was weeded I smoothed out the last garden bed and planted Blue Lake pole beans down one side of it. I would like to get yellow beans to plant down the other side, so maybe tomorrow I'll go to the feed store and see if I can find a packet.

Everything is growing well in the garden. The tomatoes look a little sad, but it has been cold and cloudy. The lettuce is loving it, as is the beets, chard, and herbs. The squash had a little setback when I transplanted them, but they seem to be recovering and putting on new leaves. There's some bug damage, but not too bad. The potatoes are just starting to peek up through the straw I piled on top of them, so I need to go check my book and see what to do next. Pile more straw on them, if I recall correctly.

Update: I saw a notice on CL this afternoon that the local exhibition garden had leftovers from their fundraiser tree sale, and were closing out trees for just three hours at the extension office - including $3 bare-root apple trees! I closed the store and ran right over and got ten baby apple trees. I researched them before I went and picked a couple interesting but unusual varieties - Snow Famuse and Haralson - five of each. Great, now I have to go dig ten holes! Time to plant a little orchard :)

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