Thursday, June 17, 2010

Garden update

Today I weeded, planted another plot of lettuce (we've been having dinner salads from the first planting and the second planting is about 4 inches high), planted more onions, removed the straw mulch from around the tomatoes because it was attracting slugs and bugs, and put it on top of the potato mounds. Lots done, lots to do, but it's still under control. The beans are all about an inch tall, so I have a little time, but putting up a piece of fence for them to climb on is my next concern. Oh, and I saw a flower on one of the squash plants - go squash!


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Anonymous said...

mom used to fill a pie tin with beer to prevent slugs in her garden.

Gladys' garden plat is going like gangbusters. We've had lots of rain each day, so it's getting a good watering.