Thursday, June 17, 2010


top row: Mowgli, Saki, and Barclay, middle: Navi, bottom: Sitka

I've been taking Barclay to the dog park to play with the other eskimos. There's our friends Sherry & Scott with eskies Saki & Sitka, who are in our dog club, and Amber (who took the picture) with her eskie Mowgli, and then we ran into Megan and her puppy Navi (she's right in the middle of this picture, Barclay is just above her). Unfortunately today we found out Megan is moving and needs to find Navi a new home. Navi is only 5 months old, and adorable! What a horrible temptation!

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Anonymous said...

it's eski heaven! Look at all those cuties!