Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Don't count your chickens..

..before they hatch! Today I finally moved the broody hen to see what was going on under her. She has been sitting on 12 eggs for 24 days, which is a few days overdue from the 21 days it should take to hatching - and there was still no sign of chicks. I moved her off the nest and had a look at the eggs - two were rotten and broken, just the membrane holding the goo inside, and two were uncracked. There were signs of other broken eggs in the nest, and she had kicked out a couple shells last week. I removed the whole thing and dumped it in the compost pile. I don't know what went wrong with those eggs, but it was time to let her get off the nest and walk around again. She's out scratching around with the other chickens now.

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