Friday, June 04, 2010

Baby trees/garden update

I temporarily planted my baby apple trees in pots until I can get out and dig holes for them in the pasture. I also need to wait until those apple-tree-eating sheep leave, which will be Sunday.

I have 5 Haralson apples, 3 Snow Famuse apples, and 2 Yellow Newtons. The Newtons were a mistake, they were mixed in with the Snows and I didn't check all my tags carefully enough! Oh well, I'm sure they will be fine. Sounds like they all pollinate at the same time, which is what I was looking for. The Snows and Haralsons are all-around (cooking, eating, saucing) apples, and the Newton sounds more like a tart cooking apple, which is fine.

Out in the garden the lettuce is doing well. It seems to be enjoying the cool weather.

I have lettuce, onions, and beets coming up in this bed, with a second planting of lettuce and spinach just poking up in the bed further back, along with a few herbs, and just planted a third planting of lettuce past that.I also got my yellow wax beans, but they were bush beans, not pole beans. Either way, I planted them on the other side of the bed form the pole beans. Should be plenty of beans by the end of summer!

The tomatoes are still wearing their shrouds and looking like a troop of lost ghosts! We're still having downpours (I heard someone today speculating it was because of the Iceland volcano), so I won't be uncovering them quite yet.

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