Monday, May 31, 2010

Trout Lake 2010

Every year our camping friends get together for an early summer campout at Trout Lake, WA. We pack up our wee little Airstream trailer and join in when we can. This year it was on the 'must do' list!

This isn't half the trailers - just the ones on our end of the campground.

For me, the primary thing I love about this campground is the spectacular view of Mt Adams just a few miles away.

Of course the opportunity to hang around and catch up with old friends and make new ones is pretty cool too.

Barclay managed to find his way into the center of the circle most of the time and did his best to schmooze lovin' and treats off the other campers.

 Dave and sleepy Barclay at afternoon nap time for doggies

Dave and Barclay

Dave insisted on getting a picture of me and Barclay!

Closeup of Mt Adams

So pretty and rugged!

We had an expert 'smores' cook serving everyone around the fire

And then a jam session broke out

And I just sat staring into the warm fire and enjoying the music

Until it was time to go to bed!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh wow! S'mores....folks singing and playing instruments, fresh air and good times. I bet you guys slept like rocks at night in your cozy camper. How fun!

Is Mt Adams and active volcano, like Mt St Helens? It looks so ominous looming over the campers. gah!If it erupts I'm betting that Trout Lake will be no more. You guys were so close to that volcano there.
Is it always covered in snow, even during the summer?


StefRobrts said...

It has some glaciers so there is always some snow on it, but not as much as now. It is a dormant volcano, and on our way home we were looking at the lava rocks along the hiway that runs next to the Columbia River, and thinking, yes, it could certainly wipe out a wide swath if it erupted! It has been quiet for 3500 years, according to the scientists that study it.

Thankfully we have volcano monitoring teams keeping an eye on the local mountains so we'll have warning when they begin to get active again like Mt St Helens did. A couple weeks ago we heard some politician complaining about money in the budget for the volcano monitoring teams as being a waste, and everyone here thought 'well obviously he's never lived with a potentially active volcano on the horizon'!