Monday, May 03, 2010

The sheep invasion!

My neighbor Kelley showed up with his trailer this morning

And released a whole flock of sheep into our field! These are his sheep he uses to produce lambs for the 4H kids. They had eaten down his field, so we figured why not take them for a ride around the corner and let them eat down our pasture for a bit. 

The dogs absolutely lost their minds when they saw them!
Jack was on full beagle alert - woo woo wooooooo
Barclay would like to get out there and chase them.

The sheep have bells on. The bells are to frighten away the coyotes. Kelley says it works for him. They make a pleasant jingling as they graze around the field.


annaliese said...

oh! oh! oh! I want some!!!! they are soooo pretty! :) LOVE!!!

StefRobrts said...

I know, aren't sheep wonderful! I love having them visiting. I wish I had been able to keep yours :)