Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chicks go exploring

This morning I took the front off the brooder box and let the chicks out to play.

Grass! Under my feet! What's a bird to do?!

Since I'm going to keep some of these chicks, I decided to go ahead and introduce them to the rest of the flock by letting everyone out into the backyard, which is not anybody's territory, so they could meet on even ground. It seems to have worked great.

Big chickens and little chickens, all pecking around and hunting for scratch. I didn't see anyone getting picked on. The chicks stayed close to their shed while the adults wandered farther out into the back yard looking for bugs.

The cat was on guard for a while, but then she fell asleep. The rooster is not impressed with her work ethic!

Soon the dogs were sunbathing too, soaking up the warm sun :)

And the cat had to move to a shadier spot.

Just a beautiful day. One of those that makes me so happy to live in the country.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! That roo and cat photo and comment cracked me up. You pegged that perfectly, too.
That last photo is gorgeous!

That's a buffie right?
I'm so excited. I chose a buffie for one of our chicks yesterday from the feed store. I've never had this breed before, but I love their size and shape and beautiful color. Yours is beautiful!


StefRobrts said...

My chickens are almost all buffs or cochins. I love their personality. The buff chicks are friendlier, and there's one that will come sit on my foot and look up at me to be picked up - which I think is pretty good considering I haven't handled them much at all! I think they are just sweet chickens :)

Mer said...

That last picture is just beautiful. I love the colors with the flowers in the background. :)