Saturday, May 01, 2010

The backyard flock

Just a few of the girls (and Big Blue) in the backyard flock.

This hen is my only remaining 'game hen' mix I got from Martha. One of my original five chickens. I gave her sisters away one by one because they refused to stay in the pen and were causing headaches for me, getting chased by the dogs and hiding eggs. She's pretty good, though I've seen her out a few times lately. She raised a bunch of chicks last year, so I figure I'll put up with her. I'm hoping she goes broody again this year.

This is one of the chicks she raised. Obviously not from one of her own eggs! This girl is all Buff Orpington. Very pretty! I have a soft spot for fat, gold chickens!

Big Blue is just pretty darned impressive!

He stands about 2 ft tall! I'm glad he has continued to be very polite about his rooster duties and has not caused me any trouble. He's so pretty I just love looking at him, I'd hate to have to send him packing!

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annaliese said...

they are so neat, Steph. your adventures with the chickens almost makes me wish I had attempted them during this country living phase ;)