Friday, April 30, 2010

Watch out for rusty nails!

Yesterday the weather cleared up so I ran outside for some afternoon chores. I cleaned the chick brooder, put fresh chips down for the regular chickens, took all the dirty chips to the compost pile, and then I was walking through the garden when I saw some persistent weeds poking up out of my raised bed, so I walked around behind it to pull them. As I stepped behind the bed I felt my foot slide down onto something, and I looked down to see one of the boards I had pulled from the compost pile, and I thought I had them all turned over so if they had nails the nails were in the ground, but in this case, the nails were pointed UP!

I pulled my foot up and slid it out of my shoe and looked, hoping I had just barely poked myself - I saw two little red dots on the bottom of my sock, spreading, so I was guessing it was worse than that. I calmly tried to pull my shoe off the nails, and it wouldn't come. I couldn't hobble back barefoot, so I fought it for a minute, swearing at myself the whole time. It didn't hurt so much as it made me mad because I knew it was the end of chores for the afternoon, and I had a lot I wanted to get done! I finally got the shoe off the nails and put it back on and hobbled back to the house, calling the dogs as I went - what a miracle, they came when called! On my way into the house I grabbed the phone, hobbled to the bathroom and took off the shoe and by now the sock was completely soaked in blood - bad sign. I rinsed my foot off under running water, and called Dave, told him my bonehead maneuver. He closed up the store and came home. I proceeded to follow my first aid training - if it's ugly, cover it up! So I slapped on a sterile pad and wrapped it with some vet-wrap, then sat out on the couch with my foot up and waited for rescue.

Dave came, took me to the urgent care place, and they all seemed surprised I had come in just for this. I think burying two rusty, filthy nails deep into the bottom of your foot is just cause for going to the doctor, but what do I know? They looked at it, cleaned it, wrapped it back up, confirmed my tetanus shot was up to date, gave me a prescription for some antibiotics, charged me $100 and sent me home. I think that was probably money well spent, if only for peace of mind.

So today I am hobbling around trying not to put weight on that foot. Both nails sunk right into the ball of my foot, so it's tricky to walk on. It aches like a son of a gun, but I wouldn't say it really hurts unless I press on it. I think this is going to interfere with getting chores done for a couple days. Well, now it can go ahead and rain all it wants!

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Goofy said...

I'm so sorry this happened! Nails and feet should never meet... hey, I rhymed!

Hope you heal up fast before the good weather gets here!