Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Tired dog

Barclay had a big day and went to get his annual shots. I have worked with him since he was a baby on bite inhibition, and body handling, but how do you prepare a dog from something that only happens once a year, like getting a thermometer shoved up your bottom and getting poked with a needle? I was worried he might nip someone in spite of all my work. Poor pup! He cried and whined and they had to call in an extra person to hold him down, but when it was all done he still just gave her a lick on the nose - what a good boy! When we came home he was pooped!

I know getting shots always takes it out of them for a bit. He was sacked out. 

Mighty came along to cheer him up.

She gave him a few licks

These two have such a funny relationship. The cats have always encouraged Barclay to play rough with them, and they refuse to scratch him and put him in his place, even when he's dragging them around the house wailing. But they aren't scared of him, in fact they both will come and lick his face while he's sleeping. So we try to protect the cats from him roughing them up too much, but obviously they are ok with it, because they could put a stop to it if they wanted to.

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dotoner said...

awww I just love Mighty - such a fitting name!