Saturday, April 03, 2010

One sick chick

I have set up a brooder box in the house (much to the cat's delight) and moved one chick into it. I have had my eye on this one since I brought them home. She's a little small, not as active, and only has one eye open. I'm not sure what's wrong with her, might not be sick, might just be some internal abnormality. I thought she might be better off with a little personalized attention. Mostly I want to see if she's eating and drinking, and I can't tell when she's with the rest of the mob.

Update: in the evening after confirming she was eating, drinking and pooping, we put her back out with the other chicks - she was so happy to see them! There's so many, I don't think they even noticed she was gone and accepted her right back into the group.

The rest of the chicks are doing fine, active and happy. When I went to check on them this morning I found them all arranged in a perfect half circle around the hot spot from the lamp. They are picking the temperature that is the most comfortable. The sickly one is in the lower right, the little black and white one who is sitting a little closer to the light.


RobbieKay said...

Poor chickie! I hope she gets better.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awww...sweet little chickie. Good Chicken Mama for checking on her and trying to give her a good start. :)