Monday, April 26, 2010

Day out with Dog Scouts

I had a great day out with my friends from our Dog Scouts troop yesterday. Dog Scouts is a dog activities club, just like boy scouts - except your dog is the scout and you're the parent. Right now it has been more of a dog training club, because the first step to get dogs from being Cadets to Scouts is for them to pass an obedience test. You have to film the dogs doing their test and send it back to Dog Scout headquarters and get approved. So far only one dog in our troop has passed! So we decided to get together yesterday and film our terribly obedient dogs and get them certified. We must have been 'certifiable' to think that would work!

We all met at a beautiful kennel up in the woods north of town. The facilities there are unbelievable, so nice, and with a beautiful view of Mt St Helens, our favorite active volcano! The place was also full of happy Great Pyrenees dogs, as that's the kennel owner's favorite, including one who lived on the property guarding the place year-round. She was a rescue who got away and chose to stay there just out of reach, and that's how she's happy so they let her stay. One of our members has two of them herself, big, lovable therapy dogs. Our fearless leader was there with her very obedient cattle dog and work-in-progress pit pup, my friend Sherry brought Sitka the eskie, and I was there with the Barker.

The obedience test is not all that complex. The dog has to sit, down, stay, heel, and leave it. Doesn't sound hard, does it? Well, except for the cattle dog, who was already a pro, NONE of our dogs could manage those tasks! In fact they downright shamed us with their inability to 'leave it' and in fact had stolen ALL the dog cookies by the time we were done! Barclay got distracted from a stay when a bird landed on the water dish behind him (he wasn't even supposed to be looking in that direction, but he doesn't miss anything, unless it's something I'm asking him to do). The pit did a nice stay but when she called him he went blasting on past her to go check out the Pyr kennels. The Pyr probably did the best, but they certainly weren't fast or enthusiastic about it. Sitka stole as many cookies as he could stuff in his mouth at once :) They were just all over the place, and we had to just laugh at our inability to train our dogs to do anything!

Afterwards we sat on the deck, enjoyed some cookies and lemonade, and relaxed with the dogs, told stories, and enjoyed the view. Great view, great company, bad dogs, what more could you want out of life?

Sorry for the horrible quality, I had to snap this with my phone, the only camera I had on hand.


RobbieKay said...

Thanks for the summary and the photo. It's actually one of the better quality cameraphone photos I've seen. It still captures what a beautiful scenic setting you were in. Would have been awesome to have been able to come out and have seen everyone and their dogs and watched the attempt at submission videos!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

How funny that someone in an office headquarters gets your dog obedience films and has to judge them, instead of having a trained judge there to personally watch. Such pressure! lol!

I bet it was funny and also good for everyone, including the dogs..and humans alike.

Seems like an oxymoron to say you all have a favorite active volcano. lol! It would actually kind of gives me the heebie jeebies being that close to an active volcano.