Thursday, April 15, 2010

Airstream plumbing part 2

I seem to have fixed the problem by just patching a piece of PEX into the system, replacing the leaky copper pipe, using one of these $5 Apollo compression fittings from Lowes.

I couldn't get the 'Gatorbite' fittings to make a good seal over the old warped copper pipe I needed to attach to, but this thing finally did. We'll see how it holds up down the road once it's felt a little road vibration.

Even if it's only temporary, it's better than replacing the whole system. That was going to set me back somewhere in the $100 range, and who knows how much time!

My next challenge is that once the pipes were pressurized the kitchen sink was dripping (running actually). So I pulled out the cartridges and it's back to the hardware store. 

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