Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Sick days

Barclay, contemplating being sick

Alki is still having trouble with her coughing problems. She went to the vet yesterday and the vet x-rayed her and decided the coughing was caused by flabby old lady parts sagging into her airway. I don't think I buy that though (though I certainly paid for it through the nose) because Alki has never coughed until the day after she came back from her hospitalization.

Then yesterday Barclay was kind of lethargic, and I thought he was still tired from playing so hard with the other eskimos on Sunday. But he did this weird backwards sneeze, kind of like a snorting fit, a few times, and by afternoon he seemed really miserable. By evening he was really pitiful, moping around, sleeping under my desk or by my feet, making gurgling congested noises, and freaking out everytime he had one of those snorty fits. Unfortunately this went on all night, with him miserable and snorty, and Alki coughing (despite the pills the vet gave her). I got no sleep at all, comforting poor miserable dogs!

This morning Barclay feels much better. He's only done one little snort, and he's up and around and wagging again. Alki had several bad coughing fits this morning, and was coughing up foamy stuff. I don't know of that's better than not coughing anything up at all. I gave her another pill and she's resting now, and I have a call in to the vet. Hopefully this is just a bug that's passing through and she'll beat it.

Update: Talked to the vet this afternoon. By the time I talked to her Jack had started coughing, and she agrees it sounds like Alki picked up a bug and gave it to the other two. Nothing to do but wait it out. Barclay is much better. Alki quit coughing up foam. Jack is just heading into it, and looking kind of miserable. I'm just hoping for a better night's sleep than last night.

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

"flabby old lady parts sagging into her airway"
I don't know whether I'd laugh or be offended. gah!

Do you think maybe they got some kennel cough?
Dobbie suffered through a bout of that when I first brought her home from the animal shelter.
It took about 2 weeks, and I'd take her into the bathroom with the hot shower on, putting off steam, and that did seem to help a bit.

I hope they are both feeling better soon. Poor poochies. And poor you for having to worry about them so much.