Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More progress in the garden

Starting with some 2x10 untreated pine boards, I screwed stakes on the ends and set it up and pounded it into the ground.

But before I got it pounded in, the screws sheared off! So I finished pounding it in and re-screwed the board onto the stakes. With the stakes in place I was able to put the sides on, and get them squared up and attached, then add the front board.

There's my finished raised bed, 8 x 4. I'm going to make a cover for it so it will act as a cold frame this winter for growing greens into the off season.

Now that the raised bed is in place I can finish building the remaining rows. Next step is to gather enough newspaper to layer on the rows and cover that with compost followed by soil mix, and to get some wood chips to lay on the walking paths. I'm glad I'm getting such a headstart on the garden this year, there's so much to do!

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