Saturday, March 27, 2010

Farm Tour at Greengate Farms

The Small Acreage Program had a farm tour today at Greengate Farms. It is always fun to go to these and see how other people run their farms. I still only dream of having a real farm, but I learn something everytime I go to one of these. Here Kelly, the owner, talks to the group about her barn and how they built it and what they would have done different if they knew then what they know now.

They had a nice barn and a composting area next to it, and talked about how they handle all the manure - did you know horses make about 50lb a DAY?! Luckily they have someone who wants their manure for fertilizer, so they get it hauled away. But they also talked about how they used to compost it and spread it on the fields. We also learned about sacrifice areas, mud control, and runoff management.

This is her own horse, the white one, and her boarder. She runs a boarding stable/retirement home for show horses. The horses were very clean and happy and friendly :)

Her sweet old golden followed the group around, resting whenever we stopped to talk :)

And her pesky golden puppy put on a show of chewing on his leash and generally acting like a puppy whenever he had to sit still while everyone was talking.

Out in the pastures we got some tips on pasture rotation, not letting horses out on grass too early in the spring, composting, and fencing - regular and electric. Plus some pasture management. Lots of great information. It's so much to learn, it's a lot of help to see how people do it all successfully, even when they feel they have more to do to perfect their techniques. Just goes to show there's always more to learn! I'm so glad there are great farmers in the area willing to share with those of us who are still trying to figure it out!


RobbieKay said...

Love the goldens! The pic of the puppy is especially charming.

StefRobrts said...

That pup is just as sweet as he looks, and kept everyone laughing with his antics. Pups are so wonderful!