Sunday, March 07, 2010

Eskimo Playdate!

Today we had a doggie playdate! Sherry is in our dog training/activities club and she has two young eskimos - Sake and Sitka. Her's are minis, like Alki. We've met at the dog park a couple times and they all get on great with Barclay, so I invited her over to the house so Jack could play too.

Run for your life, Jack! It's a pack of eskimos!

I love Jack's expression in this one!

They all know where the treats are!

They are all shamelessly working Sherry for treats! Even my two!

Thanks to Dave for thinking to grab the camera and get some pictures! I was busy watching dogs :) They played until they were so wore out they were just laying around rolling on each other. Then Sherry took hers home, and Barclay sat in the front window and pined for them for a bit - he loves his new friends! But they left just in time, it started pouring rain about ten minutes after they left. Then everyone (me included - ha ha) napped away the rest of the afternoon.

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Looks like everyone had such a great time. I love seeing dogs running and playing together :)