Sunday, January 10, 2010

Community Theater

My husband volunteers with a local community theater (that's him getting ready to play the wolf in 'Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe' 2 years ago. He acts, directs, and designs and builds sets (not all at once, for different productions). And of course I get roped into helping build things, ushering, anything that doesn't require being the center of attention.

Last night the theater had their first annual end-of-year awards. It was a celebration of their first year in their own location. Prior to this year the theater had performed in various locations, ending in a big baptist church near downtown Vancouver. Now they have their own theater right downtown, and it was paid for with both money, and sweat equity. Although it had been a theater, there was a lot of work to do when they arrived to turn it into what they wanted and needed. They ended up with a beautiful little theater, and have put on a variety of great productions in it for their first year.

The amazing thing about the theater is that it is a 'community' theater. Which means the workers are all volunteers (there are very few paid positions), and all members of the community who just want to be involved in their spare time. The result is incredible. Brilliant musicians and singers who are engineers or stay-at-home moms by day, and light up the stage by night. Policemen who are actors, tech writers who do props, teachers who handle video production or sew costumes, and many many others who show up whenever needed and do what they can. And the result is this pool of talent that really pulls off putting on great shows and look good and are entertaining to watch. Behind it all is Jaynie, a wonderful British lady who uses her accent and +1 charm to get people to do what needs to be done - and works tirelessly at it herself!

So last night as they handed out awards and everyone had a laugh watching retrospective videos of the year, it really was amazing to realize the auditorium was full of regular joes you would run into through your day, a cashier at Home Depot or the guy who owns the local toy store, and yet here they all were coming together to make this wonderful thing happen. Pretty amazing!


Lauren said...

Well, what a lovely blog! Thank you, Stefi for putting this so eloquently. It was a super evening. And I loved being with all my friends!

Jaynie Roberts said...

The comment by "Lauren" was actually from Jaynie. I have no idea why google did that!

Martin said...

+1? Are you kidding me? Jaynie is +5 at least and I think I might be -2 to will Vs. Jaynie. :D
Great blog!

Goofy said...

Martin, it doesn't help that you keep rolling 1's whenever she calls your name. :)

Great post, Stef! I added a link to it on my blog. Hope you don't mind.

Carol J. said...

...and Dave won an award for best set design for "Steel Magnolias"!
Congrats to him and all the other winners.

StefRobrts said...

Feel free to spread it around, Heidi :)

Martin, I don't know how high her skillset goes, all I know is whenever she asks, we lose all willpower to resist ;)

Love ya, Jaynie!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That is just so freaking cool!
I love that pic of your husband, too!
Did he grow out his hair and grow a beard just for his part in this production?


Mer said...

I love what you had to say about the evening and the theater. Well put, Stephanie. And it was great to see the two of you all decked out for the event. :) You looked great!

StefRobrts said...

Thank, Mer :) Everyone seemed to be having a great time and enjoying being all gussied up for a change.

Lisa, he does that all the time, grows out his hair or styles it weird for parts, it drives me nuts. I have a picture where he looks like a complete hippy, I'll see if I can find it to post ;)

annaliese said...

wonderful post!! I just logged on to blog about it--but may just end up linking to yours as well!! thank you for saying what I just don't have the brain power to tonight :)