Friday, January 01, 2010

The chickens are loose

The chickens are loose again! Tough decision, but there's a couple reasons behind it. Number one is that the chickens were fine for a year and a half before the hawk decided to start snacking on them. Number two is that they can't stay in the coop forever. Number three is that I really can't afford to build an enclosure for them, it wouldn't work well where they are because of a big tree right outside the coop door, and so they need to go out again sometime. If the hawk comes back and kills another, I might just go ahead and find new homes for the remaining chickens and get out of chickens all together. Hopefully the hawk has moved on to greener pastures and won't come hunting back here.

Update: all chickens still accounted for. The weather was so lousy they spent most of the time inside the coop anyway.


Anonymous said...

chances are the hawk has moved on. At least I'm hoping so...

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I hope that darn hawk got the memo: 2010 is here and that means only good things are supposed to happen to humans who care for chickens.