Sunday, January 31, 2010

Chicken update - Penny's babies


Here are my two roos. The buff roo is one of Penny's chicks, all grown up now and looking quite a bit like his father, Big Bird, except he also has feathered feet and pantaloons! Unlike Big Bird he has been very mellow, stays clear of people and plays second-fiddle to Big Blue.


This is his sister, who is the only feather-footed hen I got out of that batch. She is still filling out, but she definitly has the pantaloon thing going on.

Everyone has been doing fine. No sign of the hawk in a couple weeks now. The young hens have recently started laying, and so I pick up 7-9 eggs every couple days. It's nice to finally have eggs coming in again. I'm kind of looking forward to chick season this year. Although I had planned to just slip feed-store chicks under any broody hens this year so I wouldn't have to deal with roosters, I'm kind of curious to see what the chicks will look like coming from my buff hens and the blue cochin rooster, so I think I'll let nature take it's course and see what we get.

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annaliese said...

I am so glad she has such beautiful babies! carrying on that silly, lovely Penny look :)