Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cold Turkey (ok, chickens)

I almost got the whole flock of 12 in one shot, until the girl on the right decided to wander out of frame!

We have been having an 'arctic blast', with temps dropping into single digits, which is pretty unusual for us! I'm so glad we only have chickens to worry about. Every morning we go knock the ice out of their water bowl and refill it, and they come running for a drink. Poor chickens! You can see all the hunks of ice from the previous days littered around. I even took a frozen egg out of the coop the other day. The shell had cracked so I gave it to Barclay. He enjoyed eating it, when he broke it open it looked like an egg slushie! Still only getting one egg a day.

Hasn't our new roo, Blue Bird the blue cochin, turned out to be a nice looking boy? And he is very respectful and keeps his distance, which will help keep him out of the stew pot! The other roo is just as well behaved. In the picture above he is on the other side of the bowl, on the right side of the picture. He is cochin/orpington - one of Penny's babies from this summer. He has the round body and feathered feet.

Check out this fluffy butt

Doesn't that look warm?! I love these hens with their big fluffy pantaloons!

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look at the fluffy chicken butts!!!!