Saturday, November 21, 2009

Crisis of self-image!

So this week I was having a good time working on the van (the exterior door handle isn't working on the back door, so the only way to get into the body of the van is to reach back and open the door from the inside) and I figured out what was broke and tried to kludge a fix but it failed so I called Ford and talked to a nice guy in parts and figured out what part I needed and how much it cost ($50!!!) and as I said goodbye and hung up the last thing I heard was 'goodbye Sir'. Sir!?!?! Damn my husky voice! I hate when that happens. It doesn't help my hobbies tend to be male dominated things like cars, so who would think a girl who knows what torix bits are would be calling up for a door release cable, right? Still. Ugh.

Then a couple days later I was at the store helping a regular customer and as he was leaving he says 'I was in here the other day talking to your son'. My son?!?! You mean my husband, who's six months OLDER THAN ME?!! OMG, How old do I look?! I said 'My husband?' and he immediately got very sheepish - 'well, yeah, I guess I didn't think about how old he was'. Again. Ugh.


Goofy said...

Read this to Martin, and he almost spewed milk when I read the part about your "son".

StefRobrts said...

Yeah, please tell me that isn't a perfectly reasonable mistake for someone to make!

Mer said...

You do NOT look like you could be your husband's mother. Nor do you sound like a man. Don't sweat it!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

GAH! How awful! I don't think it's because of how you look or sound, though. I think it's because people these days just assume things or just don't pay attention.

Similar happened to me 2 weeks ago when I was ordering food from a restaurant at the airport.
The young man, said "Thank you Sir" and I was standing there right in from of him, wearing make-up, my hair done, wearing perfume, earrings and a pretty leopard blouse!
That young man wasn;t even looking at me when he said 'Sir', so I corrected him and said, "Do I look like a Sir to you?"

And he said no, but claimed I am tall like a man, so he just assumed (without even fully looking at me, of course!)

People are in too much of a hurry and don't pay attention to details or humans anymore.
Maybe if we were posted on the computer, those people wouldn't have gotten so confused. bah!


dotoner said...

was once asked if I needed a menu for my daughter - not Hannah - my little sister! She is exactly one year and one day younger. People are stupid - dont take it to heart!!!