Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Spider in the telly!

Our living room TV is an older projection big-screen. There has been a cobweb inside it for quite some time, draped across the screen, driving me nuts. But we've been ignoring it. Today we were relaxing (it's our day off), watching TV, when suddenly a big spider went skittering across the screen - yikes! Even from across the room it looked pretty big! Dave went to investigate and it was inside the TV! How annoying. He tapped on the screen and it didn't react. Eventually it went off to the side, so we sat back down to continue watching the show, but the darned spider kept making more trips across the screen. About the third or fourth time I'd had enough!

We pulled the TV out and I got my tools and we pulled the back off of it. I was surprised that the whole upper part of the cabinet, even though it is very wide, consisted of nothing other than the screen, and a big angled mirror. The projection lenses were in the bottom, pointed up at the mirror. All the workings of the TV were in the bottom of the cabinet. I think the spider had been on the mirror, and that's why it didn't react when Dave tapped on the screen. We found the spider (an odd looking red spider with a black abdomen, and very stout) and put him outside. Then we vacuumed out the back of the screen and got rid of the cobweb, dusted the lenses and the mirror, and put it all back together.

Much better, no more cobwebs, and no more spider running across people's faces!

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dotoner said...

EWWWWW - you lost me a black belly!