Friday, September 18, 2009

Out with Big Red and her roosters

Big Red has been seriously getting on my nerves. She won't stay in the orchard area with the other chickens. I even clipped her wings to make it harder for her to fly over the fence, and that didn't do the trick. So several times a day I was finding her out and about, and getting chased by the dogs, and calling her chicks to come out and join her (though her chicks don't seem to need her anymore, they spend more time with the rest of the flock than she did)!. Worst of all she was hiding her eggs somewhere out in the bushes! So I had enough, and asked if anyone wanted her on the chicken list, and sure enough someone piped up and said they'd trade a young buff hen for her. Deal! They came by tonight and gave me a lovely little gold Buff Orpington hen (I'll get a picture of her tomorrow). She's very sweet, and calmly sat in my arms while I was talking to the folks who brought her over. When they left it was already getting dark and the other chickens had already gone to roost, so I slipped her into the coop. They should all wake up together and be one big happy flock in the morning.

Likewise I found a home for three of the baby roosters. So far I only had three I was sure of, so I gave those away. There's two more I suspect, but I'm waiting to make sure. I'm not sure why this lady wanted all the roosters she could get. She asked me to call her and she'd come get any more I pick out. I guess I should just be happy I found someone to take them. I'm guessing they'll grow up to be dinner, but that's sort of a rooster's lot in life. Since you only need one rooster for 8 or so hens, and there's a 50/50 split, that's a lot of extra roosters!

I am thinking of building a more secure chicken run area off the coop, where I can confine them when I want to. I'm getting really tired of this constant escaping. It would be nice to build something where I could easily watch them from the house too. Right now the orchard is just far enough away I can't really see them and enjoy them without going out there. It would be nice this winter if I could just glance out the window and see my girls :)

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