Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My first attempt at saving tomato seeds

A friend grows these wonderful little tomatoes every year. They are small and sweet, like giant cherry tomatoes. She said her father ordered the seeds for them about 40 years ago from a 4H club up north that had developed them to be an early tomato for the NW climate. They grow on low bushes and are productive from July on throughout the season. Every year she saves the seeds so she can grow them again next year. He family has been growing these for 40 years - how's that for a recommendation?!


Start by cutting a few tomatoes open

And scoop out the middle with the seeds (save the rest for eatin')

Separate the seeds from the pulp as much as you can. and rinse them in a fine strainer, then put them in a small jar of water on the windowsill for three days. The pulp will slowly let off the seeds and float to the top. I pour it off and replace with fresh water every day.

Rinse them one more time to remove any leftover pulp, and dry them on a coffee filter. After they are completely dry you can put them away in an envelope for planting next year. 

I hope this works, I can't wait to grow my own next year!


Anonymous said...

yum...nothing beats a good, fresh tomato. I hope it works, too!

David said...

should we store the dried seeds in the freezer or kitchen drawer or fridge?

David said...

oh this is weird...I left a comment and it came up as "David said"......

StefRobrts said...

I read to store them in a paper envelope, and store the envelopes in a sealed jar in the fridge.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That is so cool! You're going to harvest and grow heirloom tomatoes! I hope it works well for you. I will sure to come back next summer and see. What a great thing to do.


ps I left a reply for you about my chicks in the comment section of my blog. :)