Friday, September 04, 2009

Chicken Update

Black Hen and her chicks are doing fine, in fact the biggest rooster is as tall as she is! He's just not as filled out. They are both confined to a chicken tractor because she kept escaping the coop and hiding her eggs and getting chased by dogs. He's just in there to keep her company and give her someone to boss around.
Big Red and her chicks are doing well in another chicken tractor in the backyard. She was also escaping the coop and leading her chicks on field trips around the yard. Not coincidence that Black Hen and Big Red are sisters. The first half a year I had them they slept in a tree every night instead of going in the coop. They are a cross between regular barnyard chickens and game hens, and so they are a bit wilder than other chickens, and I really don't want their chicks to learn that from them. So I am keeping this batch confined so they don't get in the habit of thinking the whole yard is theirs to explore.

In the first picture the runt is on the right, in this picture he's right behind mom, under her tail. You can see how small he is compared to the other chicks. They are all in that awkward phase where they don't quite have all their feathers, and they have skinny necks, and they just look funny!

Back in the main coop the rest of Black Hen's chicks are merging nicely with the existing flock, as is the blue cochin rooster. He is mellow, and stays out of my way, while the baby roosters have run right up and pecked my feet - hmmm, shades of Big Bird?! One of the young roosters is a cochin rooster, and seems to have the mellow cochin personality, so I think I'll keep that one - the rest of them will have to go.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Those wild hens trying to cause trouble, eh? lol! The sure are pretty, though. So is your Cochin roo, too. I love your chicken tractors.

Anonymous said...

"He's just in there to keep her company and give her someone to boss around."

hahahahahaa... that cracks me up...