Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pizza time!

It used to be we couldn't have pizza unless we had a pre-made crust handy. However, I seem to have conquered that problem with recipes off the 'net, and a little practice. Check out my home-made crust! Look at the lift on that thing! I'm so proud!

I used this recipe AllRecipes - Jay's Signature Pizza Crust (I really like the AllRecipes site because people comment on the recipes and often they will give good tips.)

Last time I made it I used some yeast that had gotten old, and it didn't get much lift. This time I used a fresh packet of yeast, and it really puffed up nicely. I got interrupted after I rolled it out and fitted it to the pan and it got a second rise before I got around to cooking it, but it was still light and chewy and very good! I had no idea pizza crust could be so easy! Why have I been relying on other people to make my pizzas all this time?


Anonymous said...

I'm all about some ham and pineapple pizza. YUM!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Mmmm! Hawaiian pizza? My fave!!

I like AllRecipes too because of the reviews and variety.