Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cute and fuzzy

 My camera does a terrible job in low light situations. It's happy to flash and give it a shot, but the results are usually blurry. These pictures are cute anyway...

Barclay often plays hard until he is what we call 'stupid-tired', where he's tired, but he just won't lay down and take a nap so he keeps running around doing destructive stuff, barking, and being annoying until I lift him up on my lap, and he'll just flop over against my chest like this. That seems to throw a switch, because after a few minutes I can set him down and he'll flop over for a nap. I swear he's ADD.

Then later he was napping in the living room when Mouse came up to him...

And gave him a little face-bath. Aww, how cute! Considering he likes to pounce on her and drag her around by the scruff, they seem to have a special relationship. They just like to play rough!

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