Monday, July 06, 2009

Mama chicks in the pen

Yesterday I finished putting chicken wire around the bottom of the chicken pen fence, and so I put the mama hen and her 9 chicks into the pen. All day they have been wandering around the pen as part of the flock. Mom doesn't let the other hens too close, but when I threw some scratch in there everyone was one big happy flock pecking at the corn. The chicks are so cute to watch!

It's great to see them out stretching their legs and enjoying the grass. The chicken tractor was too cramped for that many chicks for very long!

On the other side of the yard Big Bird is angrily stomping around in his chicken tractor by himself. I kid you not - he is pissed! Looks like he'd like to take someone out! I am so relieved to have him contained, I was able to go into the chicken pen and check on the chicks and take pictures without having to watch my back the whole time.

What to do with Big Bird is another question. Nobody wants a mean rooster, and most people I've talked to about it say that the only good place for a mean rooster is the stewpot. But would I have the guts? He is 'chicken' after all.

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Anonymous said...

Knowing that rooster, he will probably be tough and chewy...