Friday, July 31, 2009

Chicks are safely stowed away

Mom and the chicks are safely stowed away in the chicken tractor, which is now parked in the orchard. So they can enjoy the company of the other chickens, without all the drama of fighting over food, getting attacked by cats, and mom leading them on adventures into the yard with the dogs. Plus they have their own food and water so I can make sure the chicks get a good start eating chick food - because I think the big chicks were stealing most of it and they really don't need it anymore.

I'll add a pic tomorrow, we had to wait until dusk to make the move. Once Mom had taken the chicks into the coop for the night, we snuck in and I stole them out from under her one by one, and handed them to Dave who put them in a box. Then I picked up Mom and we carried them all out to the tractor. There was a bit of fussing, but last I checked they were pigging out on chick food, so I'm sure the excitement was already forgotten.

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