Saturday, July 25, 2009

Chick overboard!

Last night I came home and heard a loud 'peep peep peep' coming from the orchard. I hurried down to see one of Reds little chicks IN THE WATER BOWL! He was up to his fuzzy little butt, and he couldn't jump back out, so he was peeping for help. Funny thing was, all the chickens were ignoring him, even Mom who had taken the other 9 chicks over to the chick feeder. Lot of help they are! So I went in and rescued him (he had no problem with this, he seemed glad to be picked up), and dried him off a bit on my shirt then took him over to Mom. I leaned over and showed her what I had in my hand and she fluffed up like 'hey, that's one of mine!', so I put the chick in front of her and it ran over to rejoin the other chicks and they all went off about their business. Then I put a flat rock in the water bowl so if anyone falls in again they should be able to get back out. Poor little chick!

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