Friday, July 24, 2009

Big Red and her chicks

I spent about 45 minutes sitting in the grass watching Red and her chicks yesterday afternoon.

Baby chickens are amazing! shortly after hatching they are walking around and scratching for food. Not like other birds where the parents have to bring them food, chicks are ready to go.

Mom was scratching around for bugs, and they would all rush to see if she found anything. She would sometimes step right on a chick, or bury them in debris if they were standing behind her. I guess that teaches them to stay out of the way!

And they're SO CUTE!!!!

Last time Red hatched the eggs I gave her after she turned broody, so she hatched a bunch of buff orpington babies. This time she saved up her own eggs and hatched those. So these are all Red crossed with Big Bird (the Buff Rooster we had). They all have a little smudge on top of their head, and a dark streak behind their eyes, otherwise they look just like the baby buffs did. It will be interesting to see how they look when they get their feathers.

It was warm and sunny, and the chicks were getting sleepy. Occasionally a lone chick would start to tip forwards, and it's eyes got heavy...

until it was completely tipped forward with it's beak on the ground :)

Some managed to nap sitting up

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