Friday, July 31, 2009

Bad kitty! Put that chick down!

This morning I was in the orchard throwing out chick feed for the chicks, and the chickens all came running, including Big Red, completely ignoring her brood of chicks lagging behind. When I heard a peep/squeek and looked up to see Mighty had sprung out of the bushes and pounced on one of the tiny chicks! Before I could get over there Mom ran over and kicked her, so she dropped the chick and ran by me on the way out, and I landed a swat on the butt as she went! What a bad kitty! Afterwards I couldn't tell which chick she had caught, so hopefully it's ok, but if one kicks off in the next few days we'll know why. Tonight Big Red and the chicks are moving into the safety of a chicken tractor until the chicks are bigger than McNugget size.

Later I let the dogs out unattended, and when I went to check on them I saw Big Red had hopped out of the orchard (despite my attempts to keep them fenced in) and Barclay had been chasing her around. She can only get in and out by hopping over the gate, so he was blocking the gate. I got him out of the way and she jumped back into the orchard, but unfortunately whatever fun he had before I arrived has him all wound up to chase chickens. I did have him trained to ignore them, but that's all forgotten after a little chicken chasing .


Anonymous said...

I just enjoy reading your chicken stories. I hope whichever chick it was that it's okay.

Barclay chicken chasing. I would think that would be fun for a dog...

annaliese said...

'mcnugget size' has me LOL!!! you are so funny :)