Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Barclay watching Chicken-vision. What's on tonight?

Barclay is frustrated by Copper's presence in the house. He thinks Copper should be out in the yard being chased, like my other bad wandering chickens. I had Barclay trained to where he would watch a chicken walk by without chasing, but lately I have had four pesky chickens who know how to escape the orchard and go wandering the yard, and I never know when we're going to walk out the door and find them there, and so he has gotten into the habit of chasing them again. Hopefully he'll learn to 'leave it'. As I work with training Copper, I'll work on Barclay too.

This has been a busy chicken-day. After shuffling the chicks around I moved Mom and her 8 chicks into the empty tractor. Then I opened up her side of the brooder so the turkeys could have twice as much room. Of course the new side of the brooder was scary, so they all stood on their side and stared at it with long necks and big eyes, but refused to walk over there! Then we ended the evening by powdering chicken butts again. Penny still has mites, and so do two others. Everyone else looks fine. So we powdered them one more time. I might have to do it again next week. I hope they get over this soon!

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol Never a dull moment. What a good chicken mama you are doing all that, though.

I bet you can't wait until things are back to normal.


wv: fatin

fatin up those chickens. gah!