Monday, May 11, 2009

Went for a hike

Without my camera, again! I promise to take it along next time. I took Barclay and walked across the street to the park and hiked the horse trail up to horse camp. It gets pretty steep in a short distance, so it's a bit of a trudge. At the top we stopped for a bit and sat under a tree and enjoyed the view of Yacolt Mtn in the distance, with threatening grey clouds interspersed with blue sky. Then we continued along the horse trail to the small meadow and cut over to the upper rim trail. About then I was regretting not bringing any water along because Barclay's tounge was hanging out pretty good. So I saw a trail down to the lake and figured it looked like a pretty good trail, even if it was a little steep. Well, my mistake, it was VERY steep, and longer than I expected, even though the lake looks like it's not very far down there, it's actually quite a ways when you're trying not to slide or fall on your butt! So we got to the lake without incident and he tromped around in the water and had a drink, and we continued on around the lake trail back to the beach, and then up to the parking lot.

The thing about Battl Ground Lake is that it's a lake in a crater, and surrounded by ridges. So walking to horse camp takes you up to the top of the ridge, coming down to the lake level takes you back down it, going up to the parking lot takes you back up it. They aren't particularly tall, but they're steep. It's a bit of walking. Good exercise though. From the parking lot it's back downhill to the horse trail again at road level, and then it's just a short walk home. We were out for an hour and a half or so. Apparently this did not wear Barclay out, because he's been wrestling with Jack since we got home.

Before our little afternoon hike I rode my bike from work over to Burgerville for lunch. I was curious about the asparagus - they are selling asparagus now, but of course it's battered and deep fried! I wondered how a fast food joint would sell a veggie. So I picked up a salad and an ice water instead and rode back to the shop with my lunch. So I got a bit of exercise there too.

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh No! Say it isn't so! Deep fried battered asparagus?! Gah! I'll bet it has no flavor at all. yuk!

Your hike sounded like fun, but tired me out just reading about it. It's been so long now that I've done any hikes. I miss it so much. I have a tendancy, like you, to just say, "I'll go for a quick hike", but then I'm enjoying myself so much and I just want to see what's around the next bend in the trail. lol!