Friday, May 29, 2009

Stray Dogs

Occasionally I see stray dogs, and usually I can't help them. Mostly because it is inconvenient at that particular moment - I'm on my way somewhere I need to be, I already have a dog with me and don't want to risk picking up a stray dog, or there's no room for a strange bouncy dog in the car. And I always feel a little bad because if one of my dogs got lost I hope someone would help them get home. But today two stray dogs gave me no choice - they walked right into our store and behind the counter and made themselves at home!

I was sitting at the store and a cocker spaniel and a dachshund trotted in like they were just stopping by to have a look around. They came behind the counter and I offered them some water out of Barclay's bowl, and they lapped it up while I put up the gate to keep them back there. Hey, we were on an adventure here! Let us go!

Only one of them had a collar, and I called the number and left a message. I looked up the address and it was a ways north of town, looks like they walked a couple miles! The cocker was a girl and the weiner dog was an unfixed boy, and he only had one thing on his mind so I had to keep telling him to cut that out! Dude, you're in public!

They hung out here for a while, and seemed like very nice dogs, but after a while they started to get restless, so I called the local vet down the street. They looked up the number and said the dog had been a patient, but not for a long time. They suggested I try the other vet in town. So I called them and they said the same thing, but they also said that they are the humane society shelter for our town. So they suggested I call the cops (who get to act as animal control) and they will give them a ride over.

So I called the cops and gave them the info, and a little while later two nice officers showed up and they had already investigated it a bit and knew the dogs names (Jin Ju and Hershey) and where they lived, and were going to take them home. So a happy ending for all, and I finally had a chance to help out a couple of lost dogs (even if they didn't seem to think they needed help, they looked like they were having a great time!)

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