Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Llama shearing

Last week our llama 4-H club had shearing day scheduled. To prepare for it Martha (the other club leader) and I got together on Mother's day and built a chute to shear the llamas in.

The chute turned out really nice. She had a plan in mind, and I am pretty good at building things, so we just dove in and did it. It's portable so they can move it around with the tractor. For shearing day, since it was raining, they put an easy-up over it. It worked really well!

Even the crankiest llamas pretty much gave up and let us do what needed to be done once they found themselves in the chute.

The kids took turns helping hold their llamas and keeping them calm, while the little kids picked up wool and bagged it. We ended up with a LOT of wool. Now we need to plan some activities and show the kids what to do with it. Sorry I don't have any nudie pics of the finished llamas!

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Aww, man! No nudie pics???

That is a VERY nice chute. I wish I had some building talent...or had you living nearby. hehe!

I sure could use on of them for shearing my two drama llamas!