Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The glamorous life of a chicken keeper

My chickens have mites! Not their fault, they can get them from the wild birds who come visit to steal their food. Penny had a dirty bottom the other day, and when I caught her and turned her over to clean it off, I saw little buggies on her bum! Yikes! But when I got over being totally grossed out by that, I asked my chicken mentor what to do. She said to go get a powder at the feed store and powder her bum and under her wings, and treat the other birds and the nest boxes too. So tonight Dave and I went out after the birds had been asleep a few hours and caught them one by one and I flipped them over so he could powder their bottom, then I rolled them over and lifted each wing, and once they were done set them back on their perch where I found them, still sleepy and wondering what the heck happened!

No pictures of their indignity, needless to say!

Luckily chicken mites have no interest in people. But it's still creepy!


Anonymous said...

Poor chickens... I'm glad there's a remedy for that.

annaliese said...

powdering chickens bums. yes, that is glamorous. you are awesome :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sure wish someone would powder my bottom. lol!

But not with lice powder. eww!


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Tthe sound that chickens make when they're butts are powdered