Monday, May 04, 2009

A four mile stroll

I took Barclay with me for a walk Sunday from Hantwick Trailhead towards Moulton Falls. This is on a nice wide, flat, paved path, and there were lots of other walkers, bikers, and dogs. I was a bit worried about Barclay's feet walking on gravel and pavement all that way, but he was fine. I even stopped so he could rest on the grass for a few minutes, but he wanted to go go go, and let me know by barking his protest - let's get moving!

I wanted to get to a little waterfall on the trail, and I kept thinking it was just around the next bend. I forgot how far it was! By the time we got there and turned around I know I'd gone quite a ways, so I came home and did the distance calulation on Google Earth, and it was four miles roundtrip!

For our next trip I'd like to take the Bell's Mountain Trail to the top of the ridge. I think there's supposed to be a view of Mt St Helens from there. I like trails with a view. I'll see if I can get Dave to join me for that on our days off.

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annaliese said...

oh! that sounds just wonderful! so glad you got out and did that :)