Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Unexpected visitors

Today is our day off, the store was closed, and so we were out running errands this afternoon. We got home mid afternoon to find a message on our machine saying the alarm had gone off at the store half an hour before. So we pulled up the security camera to see if there was any activity there and saw this:

Yikes! Firemen in our store! Well, luckily we're insured. Dave hopped in the car and headed down there while I called the alarm company. They were very good. They got the alarm activation and could hear voices in the store, and so they called the police just like they are supposed to. The police told them there was a fire incident in progress and that there were police there already.

By the time Dave got there everything was back to normal. The fire had been some minor thing in the store next door in our building, which luckily had NOT set off the sprinklers or caused any damage to our section. Whew - close call! Our store had been locked back up after the firemen investigated, and they did no damage to the door getting in because the landlord has a key. So all around an interesting end to the day, but luckily not a bad end!

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dotoner said...

Um . . . VERY glad you got that out of the way BEFORE you entruted Jaynie ad I with this!!! See you tomorrow