Saturday, April 25, 2009

KeepSafe breakaway collars

The boys have been running around nekkid for the last few days. When dogs play they like to chew on each other's necks. To avoid them getting caught on each other's collars I took the collars off until their new break-away collars arrived. The KeepSafe breakaway collars were invented by someone whose dog strangled when he got his collar caught, so they developed this collar which will break apart if enough pressure is put on it. It can be re-latched after it breaks away, and it has a special hook up for the leash so it won't break off while on a walk.

They were ridiculously excited while I adjusted the size on the collars - I have no idea why they thought that was so great. Here's Barclay sporting his. I swear he poses when he sees a camera now.

Jack got a new collar too, and I put an old tag on it with our phone number in case he gets lost. It has Jasper's name on it (a rescue dog we had briefly), but it's close enough for now. Look at his tail - he's so happy it's just a blur!

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